Club Motoneige Diable et Rouge (668-12)

Safety Tips

For a pleasant ride on the trails please respect the following security rules:

-Speed Limit, especially when crossing residential areas and towns

-Appropriate Clothing

-Follow rules and regulations

-Modified mufflers are prohibited

-Respect other snowmobilers on the trails

-Respect and follow trail security officers recommendations, their presence if for your security.


When in the Trails: HAND SIGNALS

These hand signals are approved by the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO), the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA) and the International Snowmobile Council (ISC).

If we all use these same hand signs we may just be communicating the same message : Safety ! However, since making any hand signal requires removing the left hand off the handle bar and away from the brake lever briefly, each snowmobiler must decide for his or her self if and when it is safe to use a recommended hand signal in any given situation without compromising the care and control necessary to safely operate their snowmobile.

Arm raised from the shoulder and extended straight up over the head with palm of hand flat. Left arm may also be used to signal “STOP”.
Left arm extended out and down from the side of the body with a downward flapping motion of hand to
signal warning or caution.
Right Turn
Left arm raised at shoulder height, elbow bent and forearm vertical with the palm of the hand flat.
Left Turn
Left arm extended straight out from shoulder and pointing in the direction of the turn.
Last Sled in Line
Raise forearm from handle bar and show clenched fist at shoulder height.
Sleds Following
Arm raised, elbow bent with thumb pointing backward, in a hitch hiking motion move arm forward to backward over your shoulder.
Oncoming Sleds
Left arm raised at shoulder height, elbow bent and forearm vertical, wrist bent, move arm from left to right over head, pointing to the right side of trails.